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Our team at the Reynoso Law Firm is proud to announce the launch of our DUI defense website and blog! If you have been charged with drunk driving and are in search of answers, then you have come to the right place. Very soon, we will be adding blog posts providing information and insight into DUI defense strategies, and more.

If you, a relative or someone you know and care about has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Los Angeles, or the surrounding counties of such as Orange County, or has received a letter from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)  Safety Office threatening a driver’s license suspension or driving privilege suspension, please read the material presented in the “What to Do First” and “DUI Overview

Feel free to browse our DUI website for information you need until we add our first official post. You also have the option of contacting our firm for a free case evaluation. Attorney Edgar Reynoso has handled defense cases for more than 16 years and can provide the personalized counsel and aggressive legal defense that you need to avoid the penalties of a DUI conviction. Our goal is to defend you from a wrongful conviction, so contact us today if you have been arrested for driving under the influence. We can help!

Los Angeles and Orange County DUI Attorney Specializing in Handling DUI Charges in Los Angeles and Orange County

When facing a DUI arrest or charge, it is a serious matter and deserves to be handled by a professional, dedicated and aggressive attorney who focuses their practice on driving under the influence cases and not simply someone who has a license to practice law. Our primary goal is always to present an honest and ethical defense based solely on reliable scientific research and results. We have handled thousands of DUI cases in this manner with unmatched results that are based on an insightful, educated, intelligent and truthful approach.

Any DUI conviction can bring severe penalties, including the suspension of your driver’s license, jail time, steep fines, and tremendous increases in the rates of insurance. This is all on top of the humiliation and embarrassment of being in the hands of law enforcement. Many DUI charges are dismissed or reduced when handled by the right attorney. Deciding who that attorney is can make all the difference. In most cases, we can appear on your behalf and you never need to step inside a courthouse. This is the work of a dedicated, focused local Los Angeles and Orange County DUI attorney who is a member of the National College of DUI Defense and the California DUI Lawyers Association.

The Reynoso Law Firm will aggressively pursue your defense in any DUI charge and can provide you with any information regarding your recent arrest. We can help you understand what to expect in the DUI court process, can explain how breath and blood tests work and how we can challenge these in court, can describe the common faults associated with field sobriety tests and can answer any specific questions you may have about your case. We are skilled in handling drunk driving cases for underage drivers (who are under the age of 21) and can assist out of state drivers who have been arrested in the Bakersfield area. We can not only address cases that involve standard, first-offense DUI charges but also felony DUI charges, multiple DUI offenses, DUI cases involving drugs and DUI with injury cases involving a driver who stands accused of causing a serious car accident while DUI.

DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles and Orange County, California

When facing a DUI charge, there are several important actions that need to be addressed immediately. The first one is the DMV hearing. This hearing will determine the outcome of your driver’s license. The California Department of Motor Vehicles will decide how long it should be suspended or revoked. The determination is based on the evidence gathered by law enforcement at the time of your arrest. You have only 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a DMV hearing. Failure to request that hearing within the first 10 days waives any right to contest the suspension, even if you are clearly not guilty. The standard license suspension on a first DUI charge is 4 months. However, a Los Angeles and Orange County DUI attorney from our firm can represent you at this hearing and there may be evidence brought forward to set aside the suspension of your license. This hearing is completely separate from your court case, but is an important part of the DUI defense process.

A thorough and effective DUI defense begins as soon as you have been arrested. This gives enough time to handle such things as the DMV hearing and the review of the evidence against you. There are often good options in your defense that will not be obvious except to an experienced DUI defense attorney. Call Los Angeles and Orange County leading DUI defense team to find out how you can challenge your charges.

When seeking a lawyer, one wants dedication, ability, experience and a track record of success in DUI defense. At our law firm, our legal team makes your case a priority and is relentless in fighting aggressively to increase the possibility of a good outcome in the case. We don’t just put billboards around town claiming to be Bakersfield’s best DUI firm; we prove it day in and day out by attending and lecturing hundreds of hours a year in DUI Educational Seminars and fighting in the trenches. When an exceptional DUI defense team is fighting for you it can minimize the damage to your life. Kern County law enforcement has been given the task to get all drinking drivers off the road at almost any cost. They, in conjunction with the prosecutors, are completely intent on getting a conviction. With the support of the District Attorney’s Crime Lab and investigators, it can be a daunting experience. You deserve an equally powerful attorney fighting for you. Contact our offices and speak to an attorney who will let you know what can be done to protect you.

Contact a Los Angeles and Orange County DUI lawyer from our firm if you are looking for an experienced and dedicated lawyer to handle your case.

If you have been charged with criminal drinking and driving, whether in Los Angeles County or Orange Count, a skilled Southern California DUI lawyer and DUI defense attorney can help you minimize the impact that a DUI charge has on your life.

California is known for the having the toughest DUI laws in the country. In addition to penalizing drivers with a Blood Alcohol Content above .08%, California also increases the penalizes, among other ways, when drivers have a BAC above .15, are involved in an accident or have a child in the car.

An arrest for a drunk driving in Los Angeles and Orange County carries serious consequences that require the consultation of an experienced DUI lawyer. Individuals charged with a DUI face time in jail, suspension or revocation of their driver’s license, expensive fines, installation of an ignition interlock device, required alcohol screening and required education courses.

If convicted of a DUI, the consequences could also affect your current employment, your future career options and raise your insurance rates.

However, being charged with a DUI does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted and lose your license. The prosecutor has the burden of proving the criminal charges against you and you are entitled to challenge the strength of the state’s case and to contest suspension of your driver’s license. Hiring a skilled Los Angeles DUI Lawyer and Orange County DUI attorney will better enable to defend your rights against a criminal DUI charge and to minimize the impact that the DUI charge has on your life.

Proactive DUI Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a DUI, it is important to contact an attorney early on. Certain defenses must be raised promptly or you may lose your right to assert those defenses. The sooner you contact a Los Angeles DUI lawyer or our Orange County DUI attorney, the sooner your criminal defense attorney can begin working to preserving your rights. Under California law, your driver’s license will likely be automatically suspended if you fail to contact the DMV within ten (10) days from your DUI arrest.  A skilled DUI attorney can assist you in challenging the suspension.

In addition to working to maintain your ability to drive, our experienced DUI lawyers will aggressively defend you against a DUI conviction. Our DUI attorneys will thoroughly evaluate the facts of your criminal DUI case and raise all applicable defenses.

Highly-experienced Los Angeles & Orange County DUI Attorney

Many people ask our lawyers, “What chance do I have of beating a DUI in California?

Every DUI case is unique and the strength of your case will depend on your particular facts. However, your chances of successfully challenging a DUI are much greater if you hire an experienced DUI Lawyer familiar with the local Los Angeles and Orange County judges and prosecutors.

Certain defenses or circumstances may entitle you to a suppression of evidence, dismissal of the charges or reduced charge or penalty. The police may not have had probable cause to stop your car or to require a BAC test. There may have been an error with the BAC testing procedure or you may have credible witnesses who can say you were not intoxicated. Speaking with an experienced DUI attorney is vital to understanding your options when faced with a DUI charge.

If you have been charged with an aggravated DUI or have prior DUI convictions on your record, it is especially important that you seek experienced DUI legal advice from a qualified Southern California DUI lawyer.

DUI charges are not to be taken lightly and you need to a criminal lawyer who is competent in handling DUI charges. Our lawyers are highly experienced in representing Los Angeles and Orange County drivers charged with drunk driving and have successfully had charges dismissed in prior cases.  Our DUI attorneys will provide you with proactive representation from the outset in fighting your cause.

Get in touch with one of our DUI attorneys to arrange a consultation at (877) DUI-PROS.

Southern California DMV and driver’s license information resulting from a DUI

Most people would agree that losing a driving license can be devastating occurrence. The inability to drive can affect every aspect of your life and can have a serious impact on your family and employment.

Our Los Angeles lawyers and Orange County DUI attorneys will fight aggressively to prevent loss of your license by using their knowledge and experience to protect your rights. We always act fast to prevent your loss of your driver’s license. Our goal is to seek dismissal of the charges against you and to mitigate the impact of your DUI arrest. Contact one of our experienced DUI lawyers for further information on how we can help you save your right to drive by calling (877) DUI-PROS.

Orange County and Los Angeles DUI Suspension and Revocation Information

If you have been arrested for a Los Angeles or Orange County DUI, you will be subject to suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

Under a suspension, your driver’s license is invalidated for a set period of time. You may be required to pay a fee before your license can be returned at the end of the suspension period. Under a revocation, your driver’s license is cancelled for a set period of time and you must reapply for a new license in order to drive after the revocation period has expired.

Refusal to submit to Breathalyzer

If you are arrested for a DUI offense and refused to take the breathalyzer or other chemical test, the DMV will suspend your license for a year or more, in in addition to any penalties imposed by the courts for an actual conviction of the DUI.

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