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Huntington Beach is a beautiful coastal community. The nightlife along the beach and pier is unparalleled. Bars line Main Street and an influx of tourists and residents mingle nightly. The robust nightlife also leads to a number of drunk driving charges. The coastal communities of Orange County have become a haven for DUI checkpoints. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a Huntington Beach DUI the first call you should make is to a leading OC drunk driving defense attorney.

Understanding the charges against you is imperative to developing a strong defense in your case. A Huntington Beach DUI attorney who dedicates their practice to drunk driving defense is the best asset to your case. No matter what the circumstances of your Huntington Beach DUI, a lawyer can assist you to understand both the administrative per se hearing through the DMV and the criminal court proceeding through the Orange County Superior Court.

In most Huntington Beach drunk driving cases you will be cited with two vehicle code violations. The first is violation of vehicle code section 23152 (a) driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The second charge is generally violation of vehicle code section 23152 (b) driving with a blood alcohol content of over .08%. This is considered a per se law and if you are over 21 years old it will be determined by a chemical test after you are placed under arrest. Refusal to take a chemical blood alcohol test can result in harsh penalties by the criminal courts and a longer license suspension through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

It doesn’t matter whether you were arrested for a first offense DUI charge or a felony DUI with accident, you should always consult an experienced Huntington Beach DUI defense attorney. They can assist you with contacting the DMV and with your criminal court case. Contact our team of Orange County DUI lawyers today for a free consultation.


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