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Driving under the influence in Laguna Beach is a very serious charge and can be punishable by up to a year in jail, a lengthy alcohol program, hefty fines, a long license suspension and restitution if there was an accident. It is vital to contact a Laguna Beach DUI attorney immediately after your arrest so that they can contact the Irvine Driver’s Safety Branch of the California Department of Motor Vehicles and request a stay on the automatic suspension of your license. In addition, if your case is filed as a misdemeanor, they can appear on your behalf at all court dates.

The most timely aspect of your Laguna Beach DUI case is the administrative per se hearing through the Department of Motor Vehicles You have only ten calendar days from the date of arrest to contact the DMV and request a hearing. At the hearing, the DMV hearing officer will determine a limited number of issues and ultimately determine if you should keep your license. A qualified Laguna Beach DUI defense lawyer will contact and request the DMV hearing on your behalf if they are retained within ten calendar days and will conduct the hearing for you. If you hire someone who is unfamiliar with DUI then they may not know the proper procedure and will not be use to the structure of the DMV hearing.

When you hire a Laguna Beach drunk driving lawyer it is also important to take into consideration location. You want to hire someone who is local to Orange County. If they are local to Orange County they will likely understand the nuances of the criminal court systems within the county and will have strong working relationships with the district attorneys and judges.

Hiring a local lawyer who dedicates their practice to drunk driving defense is essential to getting the best possible results in your Laguna Beach DUI case. Fill out our free online Laguna Beach DUI case evaluation today.


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