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A Newport Beach DUI can be a very stressful event that could not only lead to a loss of your license but also potential jail time. In order to defend your Newport Beach DUI case, you need to understand the charges against you and your rights.

You have ten calendar days from the date of your Newport Beach DUI arrest to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to request a hearing on the automatic suspension of your license. Failure to contact the DMV within ten calendar days of your arrest will result in the automatic loss of your driving privileges 30 days after your arrest.

If you arrested for driving under the influence in Newport Beach, you will face two actions. One is a civil action through the Department of Motor Vehicles. As stated above you have ten days from the date of arrest to request your hearing through the DMV. In addition to the civil procedure through the DMV, you will also have a criminal court hearing through the Orange County criminal court system. Your first court date will be listed at the bottom of your yellow citation issued to you following your arrest for a Newport Beach DUI.

Being arrested for a Newport Beach drunk driving incident usually involves two charges. The first is violation of vehicle code section 23152 (a) driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The second is violation of vehicle code section 23152 (b) driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or more.

An experienced Newport Beach DUI defense attorney can assist you at both the DMV hearing and through the Orange County criminal court system. Contact our team of dedicated O range County DUI lawyers today for a free DUI case consultation.


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