Symptoms of Intoxication

DUI Objective Symptoms of Intoxication

These symptoms will vary significantly between individuals. Men and women process alcohol and drugs differently. In addition, a person’s age, weight and the amount of alcohol or drugs he or she regularly consumes also has an effect on these objective symptoms. Often, drivers read a copy of the police report from the arrest incident and are shocked at what the officer has documented in term of their speech, dress or appearance. Many of these symptoms can be explained by other reasons that are not alcohol related.

The following is partial list of some of the objective symptoms that a police officer will look for when the officer has pulled over a suspect for DUI. If the officer finds any or all of these symptoms, then the suspect will most likely be arrested for DUI and taken to jail:

Slurred speech
Watery, bloodshot eyes
Smell of alcohol around the person
Different stories of where the person is coming from when he or she was pulled over
Incoherent speech
Slow verbal responses to the officer’s questions
Falling over while standing up
Stumbling out of a vehicle
Poor motor skills
Fumbling with driver’s license and wallet
Poor driving

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